Czech Republic, Area of Czechoslovak strengthenings Gluchin-Darkovichka

Czech Republic, Area of Czechoslovak strengthenings Gluchin-Darkovichka

If to you bothered to examine natural and architectural sights, and locks seem similar at each other and any more don’t surprise, then the Moravskosilezsky region can offer visit of the military strengthenings created not so long ago – even prior to World War II. One of such fortification systems is in Gluchin-Darkovichka and represents a piece along frontier which, according to the Czechoslovak government of that time, should have been protected with special care.

A fort near the Moravian Ostrava was the first construction of this sort at the time of the First Republic. At its construction engineers only created the plan of similar constructions which can be seen in many places of the Moravskosilezsky region now.

Strengthening in Gluchin-Darkovichka consists of the system of entrenchments and several infantry EARTH-AND-TIMBER EMPLACEMENTS – MO-S18, S19, S20. Also here it is possible to see an easy PILLBOX – model 37A. These constructions remained since 1935-1938 in rather good shape. To provide them appropriate leaving and also to protect them from destructions which people can provide it was decided to turn this site of the former defensive system into the museum.

Today the area in Gluchin-Darkovichka is under authority of the Silesian municipal museum therefore here the qualified guides who very interestingly tell also about history of that difficult period when these strengthenings, and about the most security fort appeared work. This military monument is interesting also that anyone can try on on himself a role of the defender of border, arm with the tool, naturally, with a model and try to hit the target. Children, especially boys, from visit of this fort will remain delighted!

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