Czech Republic, Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc

Czech Republic, Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc

The Archbishop’s residence in Olomouc is a complex palace complex with two courtyards, three entrances and seven residential buildings, which is open to the general public. Local guides never tire of emphasizing that Olomouc is the only place in Central Europe where access to the Holy of Holies of the hierarch of the Catholic Church is possible. During the visit to the palace, tourists have the opportunity to inspect several living quarters, a luxurious library, an office where church issues are considered, a hall intended for holding various exhibitions.

The Archbishop’s Palace is not only a private residence, but also a public building, in the interiors of which cultural events are often held and meetings of state importance are held.

The palace building appeared in the 16th century and since then has undergone a lot of changes. The original Renaissance mansion suffered significantly during the fire that occurred during the Thirty Years’ War. The appearance of the large palace complex of Olomouc is due to Liechtenstein Castelcorn, Bishop of Charles II. It was he who, after repairing the building after the fire, decided to expand it, for which he bought neighboring dilapidated houses and demolished them, thereby clearing the place for the construction of new buildings. At the same time the residence was decorated in a baroque style.

At the beginning of the 20th century, another fire caused a new reconstruction of the palace complex. At that time, the roof was decorated with a turret in a neobarochnoy manner and a statue of St. Wenceslas.

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The local palace of the archbishop witnessed the visits of many crowned persons, among whom one can name the Russian Emperor Alexander I, and the Austrian monarchs Maria Theresa and Franz Josef I.

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