Czech Republic, Archbishop’s Palace in Kromeriz

Czech Republic, Archbishop’s Palace in Kromeriz

Kromeriz is a fairly large city, located a few dozen kilometers from Zlín. Its main attraction is the castle of the same name, which is under the protection of UNESCO. This citadel – the favorite residence of the bishops and archbishops of the city of Olomouc – served as a backdrop for many important historical events. For example, in 1848-1849 in the halls of this particular castle deputies gathered to discuss the text of the first Austrian constitution. Any local guide will tell you about this event and show a model that was already built in our time in the palace chambers.

The time of the founding of the castle is the 11th century. At first it was a Gothic structure, which underwent a lot of changes, and, as a result, was transformed into a revival style. This happened in the XVI century. The castle became more suitable for daily life, it consisted of four buildings, connected by a gallery, and a high tower.

The space between the castle and the Morava River was given to a luxurious garden, in which it was possible to find artificial ponds, lush flower beds, and secluded benches surrounded by curly plants, and bright pavilions, picturesque colonnades, and many other places for excellent recreation. All this exists even now. Walking in the garden adjacent to the Archbishop’s Palace is a pleasure!

But back to history. By 1643, as a result of the ruthless Thirty Years’ War, the castle was completely destroyed. And in 1665 on the old foundation, thanks to the efforts of Italian architects, a new palace in the classical style appears. We see it now.

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The main “highlight” of the palace is a luxurious art gallery, which contains real masterpieces. Here you can see the canvases of Titian, Cranach and many other painters.

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