Czech Republic, Archaeological Hotebuz park

Czech Republic, Archaeological Hotebuz park

The Hotebuz park which is under protection of the state represents the unique place where still there take place archeological excavations. It was created on the place of the former Slavic ancient settlement founded in the 8th century and which was successfully existing till the XI century.

Such archaeological parks allowing to appear in the territory of excavation, to examine the restored constructions, to feel the resident of the ancient village, to communicate to scientists enjoy wide popularity in Europe.

Modern archeologists try to recreate buildings of the strengthened ancient settlement with the maximum accuracy. Only natural materials and those tools which were available to ancient masters are for this purpose used. Are already built the bridge through a ditch, entrance gate, a high viewing tower from where it was observed vicinities, several residential buildings and workshops, the strengthened wall, an acropolis and a garden around it. Getting to the archaeological Hotebuz park, each guest as if is had on the time machine on ten centuries ago.

This archaeological park is chosen often for holding various historical festivals. Here the whole scenes from the remote past are played: battles, weddings, holidays. Such representations are remembered for a long time.

The archaeological park is located about the village of Hotebuz-Podobora. Here it is possible to get both with an independent visit, and as a part of an excursion. The second is more interesting and more preferable as you will be accompanied by the person who will be able to tell a lot of interesting about excavation, about a way of life of ancient Slavs, about their customs and traditions.

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