Czech Republic, Anglican church

Czech Republic, Anglican church

On Russkaya Street in Mariánské Lázne many tourists stiffen in perplexity before accurate churchlet from a red brick which is executed in traditional English style. You expect an accurate lodge with a red tile roof and a big window rose rather to see somewhere in the Scottish or Welsh small village, but in any way not in the Czech Republic. Emergence here of Anglican church is the certificate that Mariánské Lázne is considered already several centuries the resort of planetary scale and the favourite vacation spot of people of different nationalities and religions.

The small Anglican church was constructed in Mariánské Lázne at the expense of the female resident of the Foggy Albion – Mrs. Scott оф by Rodono, the noble lady who lost in this resort of the husband and by means of construction of the God’s temple decided to immortalize his memory. In 1867 she presents to the city 12 thousand gold which was enough to start construction. The most famous architect William Burges who lived and worked in London was engaged in the project of church.

This small church became its last creation. Friedrich Sikler – one more architect and the architect who devoted the most part of the time to work on architectural objects in Mariánské Lázne directed construction of the temple personally. Also the Anglican church didn’t become an exception. It was constructed very quickly, but after a while began to be repaired and completed, almost to unrecognizability having changed an initial plan of two geniuses.

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From construction of those years remained several home decoration among which there is a department for the priest and a board on which information on visit of the temple by the king of Great Britain Edward VII is engraved. Now the building of church is used for holding concerts.

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