Czech Republic, Anglican church of St Luke

Czech Republic, Anglican church of St Luke

About Bristol hotel in Karlovy Vary it is possible to see church from a red stone. She something reminds the English small chapels – reserved, modest and directed to God and Heaven. The similarity isn’t casual: it is the Anglican church of Saint Luka created at the expense of the English vacationers.

British, as well as Russians, spent much time in the resort of Karlovy Vary, restoring health, having a rest in local casinos and beginning noncommittal love stories. They felt as here at home, only the climate was unlike better here, than in crude, unfriendly England. For entire happiness the English tourists lacked church where it would be possible to retire and talk good luck. And then on the Castle hill the convenient place where on donations of the English vacationers the master Yozefslovak began construction of new church which was consecrated with a name of Saint Luka was found.

The project for the temple was developed by Oscar Moter from Leipzig. He wanted to achieve almost full similarity of future church to Anglican temples it and managed that. The church was under construction cross-shaped. She is crowned by a wooden turret with small gallery. The temple consists of two naves, leans on thick columns and differs in not bleached walls which give to church a raid of romanticism and exotic.

The church accepted the first visitors in 1877. It regularly worked within more than 30 years, but then was closed on restoration. Presently services in it aren’t held, but it is possible to get to the middle. In the Anglican temple the Wax museum works.

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