Czech Republic, Anezhsky monastery

Czech Republic, Anezhsky monastery

On the bank of the river of Vltava a little away from all city sights the Anezhsky monastery – once quite influential women’s monastery which was operated by the sister of the king Wenceslaus I towers. In principle, the loving brother for it also built this monastery at the beginning of the 13th century for what he redeemed the building of old hospital.

The case of the monastery was built in Gothic style. At the time of construction of the monastery it was new and was surprising.

The monastery prospered several centuries. The room where the award of brothers of Minorists settled down was added to its main case. The calm both Anezhka, and her brother, and her nephew Przhemyshl Otokar II, however, found then in a crypt Przhemyshlovichey his remains transferred to cathedral of sacred Vit.

In 1556 Dominicans began to own the monastery. They peculiar disposed of the got complex. Rooms where earlier there lived nuns, proceeded to be used for designated purpose, and all other constructions, including also the building of Minorists, were sold. Monakhini-klarisski could return themselves the monastery only in 1629. At the emperor Joseph II the monastery is finally closed, and its territory is given for warehouses.

Only in the middle of the 20th century became interested in Gothic construction in the Old Place, restored and presented to National gallery. Now here objects of medieval art not only the Czech Republic, but also other countries are shown. The entrance to branch of the museum is on Anezhk Street.

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The monastery Saint Anezhki is considered a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

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