Croatia, Tower in Kastel Kambelovac

Croatia, Tower in Kastel Kambelovac

The city of Kaštela consists of seven once independent settlements that appeared around the castles of the Croatian nobility. One of these villages – Kastel Kambelovac – is located between the districts of Kastel Luksic and Kastel Gomilika. Unlike other villages, Kastel Kambelovac did not form around a summer villa, but around several forts built in the 15th-16th centuries. Villages near the walls of the fortification buildings gradually expanded and eventually merged into one.

Kambelovac was named after the Cambi family and its cylindrical fort. In 1478, the Prince of Split, Andrei Grigorio, awarded two brothers, Jerolim and Nicolas Camby, nobles from Split, with a small piece of land located on the Adriatic coast. They built a fort here, which was supposed to serve the inhabitants of the villages of Lazhan and Krusevik as protection from the Ottomans.

From the fort Kambi, which consisted of several rounded towers built in 1566, and from the castle in the western part of the village of Kammelovac, only one tower has survived to our time. Locals call it in honor of the ruined fort tower Kambi. This is a three-story building with roof masters. Previously, the tower, whose outer diameter is 5.7 meters, was surrounded by a stone wall with a hinged brick loophole.

Next to the Kambi tower is a well-preserved house with a Renaissance balcony. The bastions of the north and the half-destroyed Cambi Palace in the west of Kammbelovac survived from the former fortifications of the town.

The Kambi Tower has become the hallmark of the Kastel Kambelovac area.

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