Croatia, Lisak Tower

Croatia, Lisak Tower

The Lisak tower, built in the 16th century, was part of the northern sector of the defense system of the city of Varaždin. This settlement, built on the Drava River, in the XIV century was turned into a well-fortified military center, able to withstand any enemy. In the XV century, the fortifications of Varazdin were strengthened, and the city turned into an almost impregnable fortress. These efforts of the city council were not in vain: Varazdin successfully resisted the Turkish raids of the 16th century. Over time, the need for city walls, limiting the growth of the city, has disappeared. They were partially dismantled in the XIX century.

From the former military magnificence of Varazdin, there are two towers that were part of the city gates. One of them is the Lisak Tower, named after its last owner. An attentive tourist will notice near her the remains of the fortress walls, which harmoniously fit into the surrounding buildings. Lisak Tower is located on Gayova Street. The second surviving tower is called Lanchanaya. It can be found on Stanchicheva Square.

A powerful stone two-story structure, built in a Gothic manner and topped with a conventional tiled roof, is too distant from a number of neighboring houses. Although there was a period in her history when she was turned into an ordinary residential building. It happened in 1773. Then architect Jacob Erber rebuilt it at the request of the city authorities. Spacious rooms on each floor were divided into apartments. Currently in the tower is a furniture store. Nobody will conduct a tour of the building, but you can go to the store to see at least one room on the first floor, turned into a trading floor.

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