Croatia, Chorichev Tower Toran

Croatia, Chorichev Tower Toran

The word “Toran” in the Croatian language means a tower. Chorichev Toran is Choricheva Tower, located in the center of the city of Vodice. She, like some other remains of fortresses in the region, was part of the fortification system of Vodice and served to protect the city from the Ottoman invasion.

Modern historians have only indirect information about the date of construction of the Chorichevo torany. In the documents of 1533 there is a reference to the stone-cutter Ivan from Hvar, who undertook to build a house of stone decorated with elaborate carvings for the nobleman Jerome de Saceniz of Vodice. Perhaps this document deals with the Choricheva tower.

The confirmation of this theory is the coat of arms, located on the east side of the tower, where you can see the initials “H. S. ”(the first letters of the name and surname of Jerome de Saracenis). In the 17th century, the tower became the property of the noble family of Fondra, who resided permanently in the city of Sibenik. Most likely, it was then that Chorichev Toran was transformed into a residential building with a balcony on the first floor, located on the eastern facade.

That is all we know about the history of the tower. The assumption of the presence of remnants of other fortifications in Vodice has not been confirmed. Nowadays, Chorichev Toran is located in a narrow alley in the heart of the historical city blocks. It seems that it was always like this. However, according to some archival sources, in the past the tower was completely or partially surrounded by the sea. At the beginning of the 18th century, its owners, when nothing reminded them of the Ottoman threat, could enjoy the view of the sea right from their balcony.

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Probably, in the 18th or 19th centuries, a large closed courtyard, designed according to the principle of a covered atrium, was added to Chorichev toranu. In the future, the tower is planning to open a museum.

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