Croatia, Baska

Croatia, Baska

The village of Baska is a famous and very popular tourist center on the largest island of the Adriatic – Krk. It is located in a cultivated valley, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and famous for its beach holidays. Baska Beach was marked by the European Blue Flag – a sign of nature conservation, cleanliness, ecology and high international standards for environmental protection.

In this area, one of the most important monuments of the Glabolic writing was found in the middle of the 19th century – the Bashchanskaya Plate was found, which received its name from the name of the village of Baska.

In the center of the village is the famous Baska Aquarium, it occupies an area of ​​about two hundred square meters. Twenty large aquariums contain more than a hundred species of fish of the Adriatic Sea and more than four hundred species of mollusks and snails in conditions close to natural ones.

Not far from Bashka in the vicinity of the village of Rudin is the cave Biseruyka. The entrance to it is a simple hole in the ground. According to legend, smugglers here hid treasures – pearls. Hence the name of the cave: “beads” in Croatian language means pearls. Researchers gradually expanded the narrow cave aisles, and the electricity, carried out later, greatly aroused the interest of visitors to this place. At the moment, access to the wide cave galleries with stalactites and stalagmites. Biserujka Cave is the most popular tourist attraction on the island of Krk.

Ideal conditions for sports, especially water sports, are created in Baska. There are many marked walking trails and hiking trails in picturesque places around Baska. And the high cliffs surrounding the village provide an opportunity to practice mountaineering and climbing.

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