Croatia, Bansky Yards

Croatia, Bansky Yards

Bansky Yards, the so-called historical building located in Zagreb. To date, the Croatian government is located in the Bansky Yards. Previously, this building was the official residence of the ban – the viceroy of the king in Croatia was called that from the 10th century.

Bansky courtyards are located in the city center, on the west side of St. Mark’s Square. The building of the Bansky Yards itself has an elongated shape, it is built in the Baroque style and has two floors. Its construction was completed in the first half of the 19th century, when Ignaz Gyulai was the ban. The residence of bans building was from 1809 to 1918.

Later, during the Second World War, which coincided with the existence of an independent state of Croatia (1941-45), the Ban yards served as the headquarters of Ante Pavelic, the dictator (headmaster) of Croatia. At this time, the building had a corresponding name – Poglavnik yards, that is, the palace of the messenger.

During the time of Yugoslavia, the building was the official residence of the leadership of the Croatian Socialist Republic. And the Croatian government has made the Bani Yards its official residence since 1990.

During the war in Croatia, during the bombing of the capital, the Bani Yards were damaged. Since 1992, the presidential residence was moved to Panthovchak Street in the presidential palace.

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