Croatia, Aquarium in Poreč

Croatia, Aquarium in Poreč

The aquarium is located in the heart of the resort town of Poreč, and every day its doors are open for visitors from 9 to 22 hours. Despite the fact that the aquarium does not occupy a very large area, the guests of the city have something to see, especially if you are traveling with children. Even if you do not feel a great love for different marine inhabitants, you can look here, for example, in rainy weather – and look at various exotic fish, and wait for the bad weather.

In the room there are 24 aquariums with various inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea. Here you will see more than 70 species of marine fauna, including local and exotic fish, crabs, moray eels, jellyfish, lobsters, hedgehogs and other inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea.

Every day the Porechi aquarium accepts lovers of marine life, who watch the life of the inhabitants of the sea with great interest. In addition, in this building there is a shop with various souvenirs, where you can buy unusual and interesting gifts in memory of the trip and funny decorations, as well as a cafe where you can relax and have a snack after long walks around the city and aquariums.

The aquarium of the resort town of Porec is small (it can take no more than half an hour to inspect all the aquariums), but a rather curious object, a local landmark, accessible to all holidaymakers.

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