Croatia, Amphitheater

Croatia, Amphitheater

Amphitheater is one of the most famous architectural monuments in the old part of Pula. Many Croatian cultural and historical attractions are associated with the Roman empires. This Amphitheater was built in the time of the Roman Empire, in the first century of the new era, when Vespasian reigned. To this day, various film festivals and theater productions are held here.

In ancient times in the amphitheater could accommodate about 23 thousand guests. This structure has survived quite well, but today it is devoid of cladding, as the stone was used for other city buildings. To date, you can see the exterior facade of the amphitheater, as well as three tiers with a gallery at the top that leads to the sea. Lighting of internal galleries and passages for guests was provided with arches in the wall.

You can visit the museum, which is located in the underground rooms of this amphitheater. Here are the objects of archeology, which were found in this area during the excavation – various amphoras, as well as tablets with ancient inscriptions.

In the center of the structure is the arena, the size of which is 68 by 42 meters. The main purpose of the arena is, of course, the conduct of gladiator fights. The most violent are the battles that took place here during the reign of Diocletian. Then not only the gladiators, but also the slaves had to fight with the wild beasts. Later, in 404, when Christianity was established, such battles were banned.

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