Chile, Vergara Palace

Chile, Vergara Palace

The Vergara Palace, with an area of ​​3000 sq.m, was built in 1910 by architect Ettore Vergar Petri Santini in the place of a family house destroyed by a terrible earthquake on August 16, 1906. This palace is the family house of Jose Francisco Vergara, who founded Viña del Mar. The prototype of the palace was an Italian villa in the style of Venetian Gothic.

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In this palace lived the daughter of Jose Francisco Vergara Etchesvers – Blanca Erzuriz Vergara Alvarez. Dona Blanca was married to Guillermo Errandez and had five children: Hugh, William, White, Manuel and Amalia. Doña Blanca Erzuriz Vergara Alvarez specifically invited the most famous people of her time to her house and took them on the first floor of the palace in the halls where the museum is currently located. Most of the furniture of different styles was bought in Europe.

Subsequently, many misfortunes fell on the share of the Vergara family. Doña Blanca spent the last years of her life in one of the parts of the Vergar Palace, all alone. She transferred 60 works of outstanding European artists to the collection of the museum that opened in the palace.

The last person who lived in Vergara’s palace was Amalia Errariz Vergara, who died shortly after the park and the palace of Vergar became the property of the municipality, and the Vergara Palace became the Museum of Fine Arts (1941).

At the palace, beautiful lawns and gardens with exotic plants brought from Asia, Australia and California are broken. The first floor of the palace is occupied by the Museum of Fine Arts, and the top floors now hold thematic seminars, performances by the guests of the Philharmonic, the School of Fine Arts.

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At the entrance to the park you can see sculptures, including the bust of Gabriella Mistral – a famous Chilean poet, diplomat and teacher, one of the leading figures in Chilean literature and the first woman in Latin America awarded the Nobel Prize. The bust was donated by the sculptor Nina Anjuit to the museum.

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