Chile, the Alhambra Palace

Chile, the Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra Palace in Santiago is 1200 square meters. m was built in 1865 by the architect Manuel Aldunate. It is a copy of the Spanish Alhambra Palace in Granada and is a legacy of Moorish architecture. The Alhambra Palace in Santiago combines the details of its original in Granada, and the structure of Chilean buildings.

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In 1940, its owner, Julio Garrido, handed over the palace building as a gift to the National Society of Fine Arts. The palace doors were to be opened only for students of this academy. The palace was damaged as a result of a strong earthquake on February 27, 2010, but this wonderful architectural monument survived. Most of the walls of the palace were covered with deep cracks, in many places plaster was sprinkled, and the number of students of the Academy had to be cut in half. The very building of the palace requires state and private capital investments for restoration. Such talks are currently being negotiated with representatives of the Chilean and Moroccan governments.

Now the maintenance of the Alhambra Palace in Santiago is financed by admission and payment of students for training in painting classes in order to eliminate the damage caused not only by the earthquake, but also by the activity of termites and shrinkage of the building for almost 150 years of existence.

This building was declared the National Monument of Chile in 1973. The facade of the palace is carved with lines from the Koran, and in the central hall of the palace you can see lace arabesques and walls decorated with multicolored tiles.

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Because of the damage, it is impossible to use most of the halls, so some works of famous artists of the last century, such as Pedro Juan Francisco Gonzalez-Lear and many others, are in the academy’s storehouses and are inaccessible to the gaze of visitors.

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