Chile, Osorno volcano

Chile, Osorno volcano

Osorno volcano with its eternal snows and stunning reigning view is reflected in the clear waters of the majestic Lake Llanquihue and in the emerald waters of Lake Todos Los Santos ( “All Saints Lake”). It is wrapped in dense forests and washed by numerous waterfalls. At the foot of the volcano Osorno you will be met by small picturesque towns in the German style. This region is a “mecca” of winter sports surrounded by a wonderful panorama. Without a doubt, the best views that surround the volcano Osorno, you can admire the towns of Puerto Octay, Puerto Varas and Frutillar.

If you like winter sports, on the slopes of the Osorno volcano there is a ski resort with two lifts, great hotels and restaurants. You can also enjoy panoramic views of Lake Llanquie and Todos Los Santos.

From Puerto Varas you can take a stroll through the hiking trails to explore the surroundings or reach the summit of the volcano (2,652 meters above sea level). On the slopes of the volcano Osorno, you can take part in hiking, visit the tour, ride a snowboard, go horse riding or mountain biking. If you enjoy hiking, climbing, caving, downhill skiing, then you can fulfill all your dreams. Or simply observe the birds, contemplate the wonderful species of flora and fauna of this heavenly place.

Osorno volcano – conical stratovolcano, is one of the most active volcanoes in the southern part of the Chilean Andes. In the period from the end of the 16th century until the end of the 19th century, 11 historical eruptions of the Osorno volcano were recorded. In 1835, scientist Charles Darwin witnessed one of the eruptions. The last eruption of the volcano Osorno was in 1869.

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According to the mythology of the Mapuche Indians, the ancient and powerful spirit, called Peripillan, was an evil deity. He was expelled and thrown to the ground in the place where Osorno volcano is located. Since then, this spirit is a prisoner of the volcano Osorno.

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