Chile, Geological Museum

Chile, Geological Museum

The Geological Museum named after Prof. Umberto Fuensalid Villegas is run by the Catholic University of the North. Here is a collection of exhibits on paleontology, mineralogy and geology. The museum is located in the premises of the university. In its three main halls, a permanent exhibition unfolded: samples of minerals, minerals and fossils found in the northern part of the territory of Chile.

The first collection of the museum was presented in 1972. Two years later, the first Chilean Geological Museum was officially opened at the Institute of Geological Research in Antofagasta. At the end of 2012, after the reconstruction, which lasted two years, the museum doors again opened for visitors. Recent transformations in the museum have turned it into one of the most modern centers of the country in the study of geology and paleontology. In its exposition there are 474 samples of fossils and 570 samples of rocks and minerals.

Here you can see the fossilized remains of prehistoric animals, minerals and other elements extracted from the bowels of the earth, as well as samples of meteorites. You will enter the world that reigned millions of years ago on this planet, learn about prehistoric animals that lived on the sea and on land in remote times, you will see the remains of reptiles of the Jurassic period.

During the grand opening of its director – Dr. Guillermo Chong Diaz – made a brief review of the museum’s forty-year history, from the time it was created to the present day.

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