Chile, Exchange

Chile, Exchange

The building, which now houses the Stock Exchange of Santiago, was built in 1917 on Rue de la Bandera (Flagov street), in the very center of the city, in accordance with the project of Chilean architect Emile Jekuer, one of the most interesting and fruitful Chilean architects of his time, the author of architectural monuments of Chile – the Museum of Fine Arts and Mapocho (also located in Santiago).

The building was built on the land that belonged to Augustinian nuns. One of the members of the Trade Council bought in 1913 this land for construction. The architect Emilio Jackuer supervised the construction for four years. Since the construction took place during the First World War (1914-1918), building materials from the premium class came from Europe to the USA by sea, and then were transferred to Chile.

The building of the exchange is designed in the style of the French Renaissance with a lot of balanced small details. It has four floors and a basement. A beautiful classic façade with double columns faces Flag Street – this is the entrance to the Stock Exchange. On the roof majestically rises the dome of the building and the clock, which are a real symbol of this building. The building of the Stock Exchange Santiago was the third building built in the city with a metal frame.

Thanks to its history and state significance, and also possessing considerable architectural value, this building was declared the National Monument of Chile in 1981.

The Santiago Stock Exchange is the leading trading platform in Chile. It takes the third place in Latin America. Works since November 1893, trading in securities, as well as silver and gold coins.

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