Chile, Archaeological Museum in La Serena

Chile, Archaeological Museum in La Serena

The Archaeological Museum of La Serena, is located in the center of the city. It was opened on April 3, 1943. In 1948 the museum was transferred to the management of the Office of Libraries, Archives and Museums. The building, which currently hosts the Archaeological Museum in La Serena, was built during the implementation of the Coquimbo town planning project “Plan Serena” from 1948 to 1952, during the reign of President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla. This project gave impetus to the development of economy, culture and tourism in the provincial region of Coquimbo.

Currently, the Archaeological Museum of La Serena has valuable collections of Atacama and Coquimbo cultures. In addition, there is a monumental exhibit of the Moai culture in the hall dedicated to the island of Easter, as well as samples of a rock drawing from Los Pelambres (Salamanca) from the Choapa Valley.

Also in the Archaeological Museum is an anthropological and historical library, which has in its archives ancient colonial manuscripts, as well as a documentary archive – newspapers and magazines published in this region from the XVII to the XX century. The museum has a photo archive with a large series of black-and-white and color images of archaeological and ethnographic studies, etc.

The stone portal of the Baroque building dates back to 1820, it was part of the façade of an old colonial mansion that belonged to Count Jose Pardo de Figueroa Rekabarren – Mayor of La Serena in 1791. In 2012, the museum was expanded by the construction of another building, designed to increase the area of ​​exhibition halls. In 2014 the reconstruction of the exhibition halls of the old museum building began.

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